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Walking Programs
Walking is the most popular form of physical activity in Canada. It is an easy way to be active through out your lifetime. Walking provides many health benefits and is a natural movement with very little risk of injury. Walking can also be a great social activity as well. Call a couple of your friends and see if they would like to meet a couple times a week to walk. Click on the link below for examples of walking programs that you can try.
Winnipeg In Motion Walking Workout
The Winnipeg in Motion Walking workout is a comprehensive guide to start your own walking workout. Identifying your current level of fitness then choose a walking program that is right for you. Monitor your progress with a personal walking journal.
Exercises to Try: Endurance Exercises
Walking is only one example of an endurance exercise, read through tips and information on other types of endurance exercise.
Getting Started on your walking workout
Strength Training Programs
While aerobic exercises like walking, gardening, or cycling maintain the heart and lungs, and increases cardiovascular fitness, strength training focuses on strengthening your muscles. Lifting weights a couple times a week builds muscle mass and increases bone density. Strength training is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it can help improve your balance, and reduce the risk of falls. Click on the links below for examples of strength training programs you can try.
Work through this comprehensive and detailed strength training program for older adults. Includes tips for getting started, sample weeekly schedule, strength training program, balance exercises and stretching exercises; Exercise for Life: Exercise Program for Older Adults
Exercises to Try: Stength Exercise for Older Adults  Balance Exercises for Older Adults Simple explanations of common strength training and balance exercises for older adults complete with illustrations.
Strength Training Program for Older Adults: Follow this interactive stength training program which guides you through a simple yet effective full body strength training program.
Flexibility Programs
Flexibility and stretching programs are fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Daily stretching can increase your range of motion which will give you the freedom and ability to move around freely and with less pain and stiffness. Click on the above link for some examples of flexibility programs for older adults.
Exercises to Try: Stretching Exercises Follow the detailed instructions of typical stetches perfect for older adults, complete with illustrations and safety tips.
This is a simple and easy to follow stretching program perfect for older adults. It is complete with step by step instructions for each exercise accompanied by illustrations. Stretching/Cool Down Routine
Now that you have a better understanding of physical activity and exercise we encourage you to shift your focus to healthy eating. Click on the link to your left and begin to learn about healthy eating and its importance to a healthy lifestyle.
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