Active Living - Step By Step Guide - Step Two
What are you doing now?
The next step on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle is to find out what you are doing know. Many older adults may already be including 30 minutes of physical activity or exercise in their day, while others may not. Either way everyone can include a little more activity in their day. By taking a look at your typical day you can identify some time where you could include physical activity or exercise into your day or find time to include more activity into your life.
While thinking about your typical day, try to write down all the activities you did and the amount of time they take.
Cook and Eat Breakfast 8 am – 9am
Shower and get dressed 9 am – 9:30 am
Household Chores 9:30 am – 10:30 am
Now looking at your typical day try to answer the following questions (keep in mind that physical activity is any movement of the body – gardening, housework, shopping, etc):
How many minutes of Physical Activity and/or Exercise are you getting each day? Are you reaching the minimum reccomendation of 30 minutes?
What types of activities make up the majority of your active time? Are they physical activities like gardening and housework or structured exercises like walking and weight lifting?
Healthy eating combined with daily physical activity will keep you feeling energetic, strong and vibrant. Let's continue by taking a look at your typical eating habits.
Think about a typical day and try to list all the servings of foods that you eat?
Breakfast: Ex: 2 slices of toast, peanut butter, ½ banana, cup of orange juice
Count all your servings in each of the food groups and compare them to the recommended daily servings in Canada's food guide for older adults. Where can you improve? In what food groups are you lacking?
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