Active Living - Step By Step Guide - Step Three
A Little More a Little More Often
This saying is a great reminder that everyone can be a little more active each day. Everyone can fit a few more 5 or 10 minute bouts of physical activity into their day. This next exercise will help you determine where you can do this in your day.
Looking at the schedule of your typical day try and identify 2 – 3 10 minutes periods where you could fit in some activity. If you are able, feel free to identify 20, 30, or 60 minute periods where you could be more active? Write these time periods down on a piece of blank paper.
Now try and think of different activities that you could do during those time periods. Examples could be – calling a friend and going for a walk, doing some stretching or strength training exercises in your home, joining a senior's exercise class, playing golf or simply parking further away from the grocery store and walking the extra distance. Fill in the activities or exercises next to your available time slots.

Time Periods

Type of Activity or Exercise

* Remember to consult the Physical activity and exercise section of the website for examples of different types of activities. *
Now lets shift our focus to our eating habits. Looking at your typical day, identify meals or snacks where you could add some servings in the foods groups or replace foods with servings in the food groups which you are lacking. Write these ideas down.
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